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Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) Recovery

A letter from Kilotherm's President

Our children deserve better than to have our world's precious resources wasted due to haste and greed. Burning associated gas at oil wells is not only a waste of money, but it is harmful to the environment and creates an unnecessary nuisance for nearby residents.

The engineering team at Kilotherm has developed a complete NGL recovery system for both grid-connected and off-grid oil well operators. We will partner with oil well operators to monetize associated gas to create a win/win for the land owner, well operator, and local residents.

Our staff of engineers is proficient in high BTU gas processing technology. We design and manufacture bespoke refrigeration processors, stabilizers, distillation columns, pretreatment, and storage systems as required for the site. We also furnish on-site power generation from high BTU reciprocating engine and turbine generators using patent pending nitrogen infused technology to simulate pipeline quality natural gas vapor. High BTU fuel is no longer a concern. Therefore, these systems can be used to power the oil well itself. By having the ability to burn raw associated gas straight from the well, the power will stay on regardless of what happens elsewhere in the system. Can your system do that?

Flares exist because operators perceive that it will consume more resources to capture gas than will be generated in revenue. Typically, this is not true! They just need Kilotherm's expertise to show them how it can be done. We will find the most valuable service for associated gas. Those purposes include on-site power generation to offset diesel fuel, NGL recovery as a marketable product, CNG for use as vehicle fuel, or LNG for larger wells separated by long distances from consumers. The benefits continue since there is never an out of pocket cost for our systems. We self-finance and earn income from new NGL sales and by generating low cost electricity using associated gas instead of diesel.

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Our equipment is designed for harsh conditions including severe cold, tropical climates, salt corrosion, desert sand, and more. Sizes range from 100 MCFD to 5,000 MCFD or more. Larger processors are available for permanent installation as well. Key benefits include:

  • Modular and portable
  • Set up in one day
  • Gas powered gensets included
  • Gensets can run on raw well gas
  • High sulfur is no problem
  • Storage is provided
  • We handle logistics including NGL pickup
  • We pay YOU from the NGL revenue
  • Slash (or eliminate) your diesel fuel costs
  • We pay all costs

NGL Recovery by Kilotherm

The Offer

We install equipment at our cost and pay you a percentage of revenue.


40 degrees below zero using closed circuit, air cooled refrigeration.


Inlet gas compression is usually required in the Bakken and other regions.

Power Production

Reciprocating engine generators, microturbines, turbines, and more.


We provide all NGL and CNG storage tanks as needed.


Kilotherm installs systems, provides NGL pickup, and pays you for the products.

Our Offer

  • No cost to you. We share income from NGLs recovered.
  • No size too small or too large.
  • Need power? Eliminate diesel power with our gensets.
  • At larger flow rates, CNG can create more value.
  • We will handle all details and logistics.
  • The savings are huge! Get started now.

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Our mission

  1. At Kilotherm, we believe a good deal is a win/win for both parties. We strive to create maximum value from your associated gas. This includes maximum recovery of NGLs AND selling them for the maximum price. Sometimes, the best price requires shipment by rail to other parts of the country. We do that. Additionally, power production on site can save the operator as much as the NGL revenue produces. So we offer both NGL recovery and elimination of diesel generators.
  2. Since we only make money when we produce power and NGL's, we are very concerned about keeping our equipment operating. We only use the highest quality components designed and built to our exacting specifications. Sure, it costs a little more, but the equipment can take the abuse found in an oil field.
  3. Large flares should not exist! Kilotherm is ready now to deploy NGL recovery systems for your flare sites. Contact us to see how we can produce revenue and slash your emissions.