Natural Gas Processing Industry

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Other Gas Processing Equipment

Cryogenic Gas Processing

Raw natural gas contains various hydrocarbons depending on the location of the source and the age of the well. Removal of contaminants and separation of hydrocarbons will be required before the gas can be inserted into the pipeline or used as fuel for CNG or LNG vehicles.

Kilotherm offers cryogenic processing facilities with ethylene refrigerant operating at temperatures down to 160 F below zero. These systems include all pretreatment contaminant removal processes, specialized cryogenic control valves and materials, and any necessary storage vessels.

Pretreatment Systems

Feed gas typically requires contaminant removal before it enters the cold box. This prevents damage to the equipment and blockage of heat exchangers. Additionally, the processed gas must comply with specifications for pipeline natural gas, CNG, or LNG. These specifications vary around the world. It is critical for the customer to provide accurate inlet gas composition data and outlet gas requirements so that we can properly design the contaminant removal system. Typical contaminants include water, carbon dioxide, mercaptans (odorants), mercury, oxygen, nitrogen, helium, heavy hydrocarbons, siloxanes, and more.

Kilotherm offers complete pretreatment solutions using a variety of membranes, zeolites, adsorbents, glycols, amines, and refrigeration processes.

CNG - Compressed Natural Gas

After NGL recovery, about 50% of the inlet gas remains in vapor form. It can be used on site as fuel to power a generator, providing significant savings versus diesel. But typically, the electric loads near oil wells are limited. The next most profitable step is to treat the gas to fuel grade and compress it above 3,000 psi for delivery as compressed natural gas (CNG).

Kilotherm can provide complete CNG fuel treatment, compression, storage, delivery, and fuel filling systems. In addition, our partners can convert your diesel burning engines to dual fuel CNG / LNG vehicles for a very rapid return on investment.

Research and Development

Kilotherm is always seeking to expand our knowledge base and intellectual property. We are seeking research partners with advanced technology in the following areas that we may help commercialize:
  • Gas to liquids
  • Pretreatment solutions
  • LNG demonstration opportunities for federal agencies
  • Advanced gas production technologies
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